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Parker Kaste Greenlund

"I had the privilege of working with Parker for two years, while we were both MCs at the Howard Group in Seattle. During that time, Parker was (and may still be) the single most requested Entertainer in the organization. In addition to the classically chiseled good looks, he has the ability to establish and maintain rapport with anyone and everyone, making him the perfect Master of Ceremonies / DJ. I studied and modeled Parker at every opportunity, because he is the natural embodiment of much of what we teach at Man-Up: Friendly yet commanding, confident in himself and his abilities. Parker proved unflappable under the toughest of circumstances, and I used him ruthlessly as my GoTo guy for our most demanding (read; difficult) clientele. You will not find a better MC/DJ for your event. Period.  I look forward to telling people "I knew him when..."”


Benjamin Gaul, Former DJ Manager, Seattle, WA